Tory Lanez has been in some hot water with some fans and media outlets following reports that he had allegedly shot Meg Thee Stallion. Since day one Tory has proclaimed his innocence and going forward has said Megan and her team were lying on him about what actually happened that night Megan was shot.

Tory Lanez has continued to keep his head up despite the drama going on around him. He recently previewed a new song with Quavo and announced he would be returning to ‘Quarantine Radio’. ‘Quarantine Radio’ is a show Tory does on his IG live which features women twerking for cash, as well as music, jokes and entertainment.

Tory decided to bring back ‘Quarantine Radio’ on Halloween and announced there would be cash prizes for best costumes! The night was an overall success, Tory had over 100k viewers on his live and tuned in to the show! Tory believed to have followed all of instagram’s rules during the show, however Tory went to go live today and was blocked by instagram from doing so.

Tory posted his frustration about being blocked from going live on his instagram story. Tory vowed to make a backup page and insinuates he will continue to keep doing Quarantine radio from a new page. However, it would seem like if instagram doesn’t want him doing the show they will just block the next page he tries to do it from, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.