Rapper 6ix9ine has been laying low since his album ‘Tattle Tales’ did less than anticipated numbers, selling only 55k copies. It’s well known that 6ix9ine feels he has been blackballed by the industry, stating that he gets no radio play & and no playlistings.

Before the album dropped 6ix9ine was pulling his regular antics, trolling online, beefing with rappers and getting under peoples skins. After the album dropped, media outlets, blogs and other rappers made fun of 6ix9ine for selling only 55k copies of his album.. 6ix9ine quietly seemed to have gone away, other than reports surfacing of the rapper overdosing on caffeine & weight-loss pills. 6ix9ine told fans he was okay following the overdose and vowed to be healthier…

Today a fan spotted him running with a security guard & seems like 6ix9ine’s keeping his word on trying to stay healthy.

Do you think 6ix9ine can make a comeback musically or do you think he’s finished in the industry? Guess only time will tell..