Kevin Durant’s Mother Thinks Warriors ‘Share Responsibility’ For His Injury

While the entire basketball world is grieving Kevin Durant’s injury, the incident undoubtedly hit hardest for his mother. On Wednesday, Wanda Durant described to Good Morning America the emotion she felt watching her son’s tragic injury and why she thinks it happened.


“Yes, I’ve heard that,” Durant responded when asked if she believes the Warriors rushed her son into competing after he sustained a lower-leg injury earlier in the playoffs. “It’s still out right now. We don’t know. He felt he was able to play. They said he could play, so we still have to analyze that and see if they made the right decision. That’s kind of up in the air right now.”

She then went on to tell GMA’s Robin Roberts that she believes the Warriors organization carries some weight for uts hand in clearing her son.

“What I will say is the doctors said that he was okay,” Durant continued. “Kevin couldn’t have gone on his own and said ‘I’m going to play’ without the advisement of the doctors. So they said he was okay… they share responsibility for him playing.”


Although she doesn’t place overt blame on the franchise, her sentiments echo the feeling of other league insiders. While Durant tip-toed around placing blame, former NBA player and current ESPN analyst, Jalen Rose, spoke directly to the Warriors’ lapse in judgment.

“Everybody’s fake acting like they care about KD’s best interest when they don’t. It’s phony to me.”

“Everybody fake caring about KD’s best interests when they don’t. It’s phony to me,” Rose said in allusion to the Warriors’ emotional response after KD’s injury. Rose then dug deeper to highlight the negligence of Golden State’s medical staff.

“I just said on Friday night on NBA Countdown that KD’s work out did not go well for nobody involved,” Rose said on First Take. “Then when KD go cleared to play people wanted to assassinate my character… You just said he can’t take anybody off the dribble unnecessarily. That’s his game! If he can’t do that he shouldn’t play.”


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